General Business Operator Action Plan


We have established the following action plan to establish an employment environment where all employees can strike a balance between their professional career and home life and can fully contribute their skills and abilities.

1. Period of plan

2-year period from April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2021

2. The Company’s challenges

The Company has in place special leave programs and a number of work-style options to suit the childcare needs or personal lives of employees, but these programs are not being utilized actively. In addition, no hotline is in place for employees with various troubles such as childcare, family care or health, etc.

3. Targets

The Company will seek to reduce turnover due to a lack of work-life balance between professional and home life, by increasing employee motivation to remain at work by making programs known to all and establishment of an employee consultation hotline.

4. Initiatives and Implementation Period

From April 2019

Begin making company programs known to all employees on a regular basis
Establish a consultation hotline for all employees and make it known to all to promote its use.

From August 2019

Receive opinions from employees concerning the implementation of company programs.

From October 2019

Referencing these opinions, refine existing programs and begin considering the design and introduction of new programs as needed.

From December 2020

Ascertain the current situation internally, review challenges, and begin reviewing new targets and initiatives.