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Keito Tabuchi
Born in 1995. Graduated from the Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo. Going to graduate school with the aim of becoming a researcher, he became fascinated by programming and became an engineer. After working as a machine learning engineer and a web engineer at several companies, he joined GA technologies in April 2019. Currently, he is seconded to a group subsidiary, ITANDI, Inc., and is involved in the development of multiple products.

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―Please tell us about Mr. Tabuchi's school days.

The major of the university is chemistry. I was aiming to become a researcher, so after graduating from undergraduate school, I went on to graduate school in chemistry. I was originally curious and liked studying, so I think that I was a student who was so serious about studying that I was given the answer of the graduate representative when I graduated from the undergraduate school.

What I felt while belonging to the laboratory and actually engaging in research was that I was not suitable for a university research job. I felt that way in the summer of my first year of master's, about three months after I entered graduate school. After that, when I thought about what to do other than research, I came up with programming.

-Why was it programming?

The reason I became interested in programming was the game between "AlphaGo", the artificial intelligence of Go, and a professional Go player. I've been playing Go since I was a junior high school student, and I was really impressed with that game because I have an amateur 6-dan diploma. Without this opportunity, I might not have thought of going on to become an engineer until I quit graduate school.

I started programming in earnest after taking a leave of absence from graduate school, but since I was an undergraduate student, I had experience in lectures and I also liked writing code. Also, I already had useful knowledge for learning programming such as mathematics and information science, so I think that learning programming was quite early. I feel that studying what I was interested in and what I wanted to know has been successful for a long time with my intellectual curiosity.

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-What kind of work have you been involved in since joining the company?

I am involved in the development of new products by being seconded to Itanji, a group company. About half a year before joining the company as a full-time employee, he joined the Itanji development team as an intern. As a product manager, I have been involved in product requirement definition, design, and implementation. I was really surprised that I was entrusted with one product despite being a prospective candidate. It was even more so when I was asked to speak to me shortly after completing the training program for new graduate engineers. However, it was a great opportunity for me who wanted to "get into the field early and get involved in product development", and I thought "I don't want to miss this opportunity" so I decided to go to Itanji. It was.

-How was it when you actually entered the development site?

I thought that I lacked management skills as a product manager and perspective as a business operator rather than skills as an engineer. Since it was the core system in the company that was being developed as an intern, I was proceeding with the development while interviewing the relevant departments. The aim was not to systematize the existing business flow as it is, but to systematize it while improving the parts that can be automated. However, development was more difficult than I had imagined, as some of them conflicted with the needs of each department and some of them were technically difficult to realize. Also, it was difficult to decide what to do after listening to all the needs. Of course, I also feel the need to improve my skills as an engineer, but I was keenly aware that I need to acquire those skills as well.

-Is there anything you would like to challenge in the future?

It will be evaluated no matter where you get a job. I want to be a person who can play an active role. Anyway, I want to acquire and improve all skills. So is the skill as an engineer, and so is the skill as a product manager. To that end, I will be honest about what is in front of me, both at work and in private.

I want to be able to contribute to the company in addition to my main business, as well as producing results in the work I have been given. For example, planning and managing LT meetings and study sessions, and writing tech blogs. By participating in such activities, I want to contribute to the fostering of in-house culture and the branding of my company.

Also, in my private life, I would like to cherish my time for self-improvement. Especially with regard to engineering, the technology is updated every day, so it is necessary to catch up with it properly. I think that study time for that purpose is very important, so I want to maintain a good balance between work and self-improvement.

The long-term goal is to be involved in the development of products that have a large social impact. To that end, we must further improve our engineering skills and skills as a product manager. That's why now I just keep working honestly on what's in front of me and improve my abilities. Eventually, I would like to become an engineer with outstanding skills that would be evaluated as "this product would not have been completed without Tabuchi" within the development team for such a large-scale product.

-Finally, what is GA technologies Co., Ltd.

It is a place where you can work in your own way. Instead of looking at people based on superficial factors such as when they joined the company and their age, they are entrusted with the work after carefully looking at the inner parts such as technology, knowledge, and personality. That's why it's very easy to work, and I think it's a place where you can always seize opportunities if you face your role and the work in front of you honestly.

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