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Kazuyoshi Sekikawa
Born in 1993 and raised in Kanagawa prefecture. After graduating from the Faculty of Policy Management at Keio University, he joined GA technologies Co., Ltd. as a new graduate in 2017. In university research, while majoring in decision-making theory, I experienced a part-time job in which group classes were given to junior high school students and study abroad in the United States. Currently working as a manager of the Nagoya branch office.

Turned from a major aspiration to GA technologies Co., Ltd.

-What kind of student days did you spend?

At university, he majored in the theory of decision-making. I was studying the "decision to quit" at the crossroads of my life, using sports as an example. I think that there are many people who started sports such as soccer and baseball when they were young and are still aiming to become professionals. What do those people, who have spent most of their lives doing in the past, decide to let go of that "one thing"? I predicted that there would be some certain law, and made a hypothesis for my research. I used sports as a reference example because I myself have given up on my career as a professional soccer player.

Besides research, what I was doing was a part-time job as a cram school teacher.
I taught almost all subjects in group classes to junior high school students. Since I started working part-time as a cram school teacher, I've been thinking about what to do to improve students' grades and academic ability from morning till night. Before going to work, prepare for lessons, hold group lessons, answer students' questions, check progress and status with tests, and talk with other teachers until late at night. I was spending such a day.

-Can you tell us about the axis of job hunting and the company you wanted to work for?

Ever since I started job hunting, I have been aspiring to become a major player.
The people around me were basically all aspiring major companies, so I didn't think about anything in particular and was promoting job hunting mainly at major companies. Among them, the general trading company was the first choice, and since it had a house building, the general developer also had a high degree of aspiration and was interested in sales, so MR (Medical Representative) and manufacturers. I narrowed down the occupations to sales, but since there was no industry axis, I was researching various companies.

-I think that joining GA technologies Co., Ltd. from there came through some crossroads and choices. What was the reason for that?

It's difficult to put it into words, so it's an ambiguous way of communicating, but even if the job hunting activities of major companies settled down, it wasn't refreshing. Therefore, I continued to search for companies by narrowing down the industry and researching companies that received offers. I found GA technologies Co., Ltd. there. I originally researched the real estate industry in various ways, so I thought it would be interesting to see GA's business content and the use of technology, so I asked for an interview.

From that point on, as I had more interviews, my awareness of working changed.
Enthusiasm and determination for work, high aspirations for the future. Despite the short interviews, all the employees felt such passionate feelings. On the other hand, I was swept away by the surrounding environment and somehow aspired to become a major company and just started job hunting. I thought I was thinking for myself, but I realized that it was sweet.

After that, I finally decided to join GA technologies Co., Ltd. because I was ready.
At that time, employment in venture companies and student entrepreneurship were not as active as they are now. There were some doubts and opposition to getting a job at a venture company. However, I didn't really care about that kind of voice. Unlike in the past, even major companies are not stable for life. No matter where I get a job, I think that various anxieties are inherent. I am prepared for what is important there. It's up to you, no matter which company you are in, whether you can achieve results at work or achieve overwhelming growth. I decided to join this company because I thought it was worth the decision, and I can still confidently say that my choice was correct at the time.

I want to leave my mind and culture for posterity

-What kind of work have you been doing since joining the company?

Since joining the company, I have consistently been in charge of sales of investment condominiums.
This job is a life-changing job for customers to get the most expensive shopping in their lives. I don't think you can make a decision unless you are a person who makes you think that you can buy from this person, and I try to do everything I can to do that.

For example, how to use words and how to choose words when talking. The tempo and tone of speaking are the same, and of course you have to be careful about your appearance. There are many other things, but the point is how to build a relationship of trust. Again, this job is a life-changing job for our customers. As a part of that, we are always conscious of being able to interact with our customers in a perfect manner.

As a result of accumulating relationships of trust with customers, the feeling of being told "I will buy it because I am Mr. Sekikawa" is irreplaceable for anything else.

-Please tell us about your future career path and what you would like to challenge in the future.

In the future, I would like to be in a position to manage.
Now I'm one player, but next is the team leader. Next, I want to expand the scope of my influence and responsibility by following the flow of a manager.

The reason is based on the goals of my life. The goal of my life is to tell posterity about my way of thinking and the culture I created. Even if I'm gone, what I left behind in someone will be handed down. I want to create such a happy state.

* This article is based on information at the time of the interview. Please note that it may differ from the latest information.

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