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GA technologies Co., Ltd.
President and Chief Executive Officer

「テクノロジー×イノベーションで、人々に感動を生む世界のトップ企業を創る。」ことを理念とし、創業から急成長を続けるGAテクノロジーズ。代表 樋口が、創業から現在に至るまでの想いと、これからについて語ります。

Topic 01

Moving on from past failures with a new commitment to become a world leader in business

For 18 years, from when I was 6 to 24 years of age, I dedicated my life to becoming an international soccer player. With the goal of becoming a professional soccer player right out of high school, I practiced hard every day throughout junior high and high school. However, the offer I received after high school graduation was a minor league development deal; and not a professional contract. I wasn’t ready to give up on my dream, so for the next five years I played soccer on a club team while developing my skills. Yet, I found I couldn’t produce the results I wanted and finally I decided to give up on my lifelong dream. I was 24 years old.

After giving up on my dream and pondering what to do with my next life, I encountered a book called Aiming High, a biography about Masayoshi Son. I read the book and was inspired by business and technology—fields that were completely unknown to me until then. More importantly, I was able to find a new purpose in life. Since I could not become an international soccer player, I was going to become an international player in business and transform the world using technology. This book changed my life and motivated me to start the company. The commitment I gained at this time remains a driving force behind my actions today.

Topic 02

Generating innovations in all domains with real estate as the foundation


In 2020, our seventh year in business, GA technologies has entered its second start-up phase. Until now, we have focused on strengthening our founding business, but going forward, we will turn our attention to the real estate industry and legacy industries closely related to it, while continuing to strengthen our founding business. This is something that we can do since we have incorporated technology into real estate transactions involving people from various industries, such as finance, construction and insurance.


Topic 03

Today is the dawn of PropTech internationally, providing a sense of interest and responsibility in creating the market

The dawn of Internet services took place in the 1990s. I believe many of you know that following the release of Windows 95 the Internet industry experienced rapid growth. The leading companies driving the IT industry in the world and in Japan were founded around the same time as when people realized the Internet industry was slated for strong growth in the future.

Today is the dawn of PropTech. With the emergence of technology-driven services in various domains, such as FinTech, HRTech and EdTech, this trend is now coming to the real estate industry. Softbank Vision Fund, an investment fund garnering attention from around the world, has continued to make investments of hundreds of millions of dollars in PropTech companies in the United States such as WeWork, Compass and Opendoor. As a result, I feel there is growing momentum that the real estate industry will undergo a major transformation in the future. In addition, even Japan’s PropTech domain is experiencing unprecedented growth, with the launch of start-ups and growing number of financing deals.

Just like the Internet transformed the world, the history of the real estate industry will be transformed in the future. With this miraculous timing, I am very excited about making the company a major player in the industry. All that is left for us to do is act and produce results, given that the current trend has shifted to a tailwind. We will tap into this market with an overwhelming sense of speed and commitment.

Topic 04

Taking continuous action will pave the way for your future

Today, all of you have begun looking for a job, which is a major crossroads in your life. I believe you have many appealing options in front of you and are mulling over your choice based on industry, job type, company size, and job satisfaction. You are probably finding it hard to decide on a single company from so many options.

There is just one thing that I ask you to keep in mind. That is, there is no correct answer. I believe that after this process is over some of you may not be satisfied with the company you joined or may regret your past choices. However, bemoaning the past or the present won’t solve anything. The only thing we can do is act and change the future. If you continually act without any excuses about your environment, the results will come.

Therefore, I ask that you be an actor not a critic. Whether you can make your future brighter is entirely up to you. Trust this and always move forward without standing in place. I look forward to meeting all of you who are ready to move forward and possess strong thoughts and commitment.