Company Information

When was the company established?
March 12, 2013.
When was the company’s IPO?
July 25, 2018.
Where can I find an overview of the company?
Company Profile page.Visit the
What is the origin of the company’s name?
The company’s name originated from our vision for the future.

Under our management policy Combine Technology and Innovation to Inspire the World, since our founding we have developed our business operations with the strong vision of becoming a leader in the world.

We recognize that technology will evolve and transform our lives and believe that innovation is absolutely essential to creating a better world.
Our goal is to create a future where we deliver innovative value that inspires people and transform the world with our strong commitment as a driving force.

We used such Genuine Ambition to form the company name, with the commitment to become a company that continually tackles the challenges for achieving its management policy.
How do I find out about the company’s history?
Historypage.Visit the
What businesses does the company engage in?
How many employees does the company have?
Company Profile page.Visit the
Tell me about the company’s corporate governance initiatives.
Visit the Corporate governancepage for more about our corporate governance initiatives and system.


When is your fiscal year?
November 1 to October 31.
When do you announce earnings results?
We announce earnings results quarterly. View the IR calendar for our earnings announcement schedule going forward.
What accounting standards are you using?
We have adopted the Japanese Accounting Standard (JGAAP).
Tell me about the company’s business performance.
Financial highlights page.Visit the
Where can I obtain the latest and past earnings information?
IR library page, including financial results, earnings presentations, securities reports, and quarterly reports. We post various documents on the
Where can I find your earnings forecast?
Our earnings forecast is disclosed in financial results. You can access this document via the Financial results page.
Do you stream videos of your earnings presentations?
our earnings presentation documents section.Yes. View our earnings presentation video found in
Which analysts cover the company?
Analyst coverage page.Visit the

Stock Information

What is the company’s securities code?
How many shares are in one trading unit?
Which financial markets are your shares listed on?
Mothers on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
How has your share price been performing?
For share price trends, visit the Stock price information page.
When is the general meeting of shareholders held?
The Regular Ordinary Meeting of Shareholders is held every year in January. Visit our IR calendar Or Shareholders' Meeting page for detailed timeline and documents for the shareholders’ meeting.
Do you payout dividends to shareholders?
We recognize that returning profits to shareholders is an important management task. Our basic policy is to offer a sustained and stable dividend, while comprehensively examining the development of our business foundation, business growth, performance, and financial condition, etc.
However, the company is currently growing, so we do no offer a dividend with the belief that enhancing retained earnings and effectively utilizing this as a funding source for investing in the expansion of business for greater growth along with improvements in the organizational structure and system environment will lead to the greatest return of profits to shareholders.
In the future, we plan to offer a dividend while considering financial condition and management performance. At the present time, we have yet to decide on when to pay a dividend.
Do you have a shareholder benefits program?
At present, we do not have one, and we have yet to decide on whether to introduce one or not.
Where do I direct inquiries about miscellaneous stock procedures?
Contact your securities brokerage directly. Shareholders with a special account need to contact Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd.

Furthermore, direct inquiries about matters concerning the sending and returning of postal items and other stock related administration to the administrator of the shareholders’ list (Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd.)

Custody Department
Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd.
1-2-1 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tel. 0120-288-324 (toll free in Japan)(9:00am to 5:00pm excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)
Who is the administrator of the shareholders’ list (transfer agent)?
Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd.
What is the breakdown of shareholders?
Stock information page.Visit the
What is the total number of shares outstanding?
9,432,855 shares as of October 2019.
How do I exercise my voting rights at shareholders’ meetings?
Visit the convocation notice on the Shareholders Meeting Page for details about exercising voting rights.
Have there been any share splits in the past?
Stock information page.Visit the


Where do I direct inquiries about investor relations?
Please use this inquiries form.
What is the company’s policy on the protection of personal information?
For more about our policy on the protection of personal information, see our privacy policy and page on the Handling of personal information.