IR Analyst Coverage


Analyst report

Name of company (in alphabetical order) Analyst (titles omitted)
Ichiyoshi Research Institute
溝口 陽子
SBI Securities
畑田 真
Tachibana Securities
下川 寿幸

Other reports

Name of company (in alphabetical order) Analyst (titles omitted)
General Incorporated Association Securities Research Center
Keita Fujino


  • This list has been prepared based on the Group’s criteria pursuant to information obtained by the Group at the time of publication. Please be aware that there may be analysts covering the company who are not listed here and not all information may be up to date.
  • This list is made available for the main purpose of providing investors with information about the analysts analyzing and predicting the Group’s business performance and the securities brokerage they belong to. Therefore, this information is not intended to solicit a trade of the Group’s shares.
  • The analysts on this list and the analysts not appearing on this list analyze the Group’s business performance, services and businesses based on their own judgement and then predict business performance. In any and all of these processes, the Group or the Group’s senior management are not involved whatsoever. In addition, the Group does not support or warrant the predictions, views, or recommendations of these analysts.
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