Launch the future there.

Technology is not all about creating cutting-edge products. By bringing technology to places that we thought could only be done with analog, we create the optimal conditions for users.

In other words, the analog industry is a mass of possibilities. If this changes, Japan will change. The world changes. For a world where everyone can live more comfortably.

Creating the future where it is most difficult to digitize and where it is most needed.

Start the future with technology x human power.

Innovate in various fields, including the real estate industry. At that time, what is needed is technology and human power to support it. Innovation can create excitement only when there are people who create technology, people who support it, and people who move it. technology and human power. With this one and only weapon, we will step forward.

Launch the future of every industry.

With technology and human power, we create the most comfortable service experience for users. It's not just the real estate industry. We will step into all industries, including M&A.

Launch the future in the most difficult places.

About 20 years have passed since the Internet company was born. The world has changed dramatically. Next is the turn to change the analog industry with technology. Innovation is needed where it is most difficult to digitize. Beyond that, there will surely be people's joy and smiles. Launch the future in impossible and possible places. That is our mission.