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代表取締役社長執行役員 CEO

POLICY Sustainability Policy

We will continue to contribute to sustainable business growth and society through activities entitled GA Sustainability Actions.


OUR ACTIONS Main efforts

Based on GA Sustainability Actions, there are five categories: "Consideration for global environmental resources," "Contribution to sustainable community development," "Social contribution through sports," "Creating a rewarding workplace," and "Strengthening governance, risk management, and compliance." I am working on a theme.

Consideration for global environmental resources

By promoting the online real estate transactions through the businesses developed by the Group and the business systems used within the company, we are working to make the entire industry DX / paperless, not just our own.

  • 8: Rewarding work and economic growth
  • 9: Let's lay the foundation for industry and technological innovation
  • 15: Let's protect the richness of the land

Contribution to town development

Through the businesses that the Group is developing, we aim to contribute to sustainable town development by revitalizing the distribution of used real estate and promoting the renovation business.

  • 9: Let's lay the foundation for industry and technological innovation
  • 11: Creating a town where you can continue to live

Social contribution through sports

By concluding sponsorship partnerships with professional sports teams, educational institutions, NPOs, etc. and hiring para-athletes, the Group aims to contribute to the success of people who continue to take on challenges and to the local community.

  • 8: Rewarding work and economic growth
  • 17: Achieve your goals in partnership

Creating a rewarding workplace

By working to create a workplace where each and every employee can maximize their abilities and work in their own way, we will lead to the sustainable growth of the company.

  • 5: Achieve gender equality
  • 8: Rewarding work and economic growth

Strengthening compliance

In order to achieve sustainable development and maximize corporate value, the Group will carry out sound and transparent management that respects all stakeholders, and will enable prompt and rational decision-making and business execution. We will strive to build an internal system.

  • 16: Peace and justice for all
  • 17: Achieve your goals in partnership