The GA technologies Group offers a number of programs and initiatives to support its people and ensure they feel a sense of mission and take pride in their work.

Providing a workplace environment driving maximum performance

Support system for engineers


Continuing work while flexibly addressing changes in lifestyle


Flower is the name given to our program for female employees to support their career development through marriage and childbirth. We believe that providing these benefits will empower women and make society a better place.
Flower comprises a number of programs in place to support female employees during pregnancy, childcare and childrearing. It makes it possible for employees to customize their work-style in a way that suits their family.

List of programs and initiatives

  • Work from home

    It is possible to work from home for the purpose of corona measures, childcare, nursing care, and physical condition stability during pregnancy.

  • Qualification allowance

    A person who has a qualification defined by the company, such as a residential land building trader or an architect, will receive a monthly qualification allowance of 15,000 yen or more.

  • Housing allowance

    If you live within 3 kilometers of the company or move into a property managed by your company, we will pay 20,000 yen or 30,000 yen depending on the rent.

  • Family allowance

    If you have a spouse or a child under the age of 18 supported by health insurance, we will pay 10,000 yen or more every month.

  • Commuting allowance

    Employees are reimbursed for the cost of public transportation based on the most reasonable method of commuting to work. (for buses, the distance from your home to your company or the nearest station is 1.2 km or more)

  • Flex System

    Provides complete flexibility at work for all employees without core time. *There are internal regulations for each department

  • 家具サブスクリプ    ション補助

    Furniture subscription service assistance is available to help you work comfortably at home.

  • オンライン英会話レッスン

    You can use the online English school service at a corporate discount.

  • Social gathering cost subsidy

    There is a subsidy from the company to the social gathering held in the department once a month for up to 5,000 yen per person.

  • Engineer qualification acquisition support system

    If you pass the qualification test specified by the company, you will be paid the test fee and congratulatory money.

  • Provision of equipment for comfort at work

    Equipment such as PC, dual display, keyboard, mouse, chair, etc. are provided for comfort at work.

  • Self study support

    To support the growth of employees, the company will subsidize up to 30,000 yen per year such as book purchases and seminar participation costs.

  • GA JAM

    With the aim of deepening the interaction between employees, it is a system in which a group of randomly selected people can have lunch every month. Lunch fee is provided by the company.


    Through club activities such as sports and hobbies, you can also interact with employees who are not involved in business. You can belong to up to two, and the company will subsidize your activity costs.

  • sports gym

    We have a corporate contract with a gym to promote the health of our employees.

  • Defined contribution pension

    You can enroll in a defined contribution pension plan when you join the company.

  • Employee stock ownership association

    This system facilitates the acquisition of treasury stock and subsidizes property formation.


    This is a support system that enables you to balance treatment and work even if you have a disease.

  • Work-style selective program

    You can reduce your working hours by working at least 4 hours a day.

  • In-house consultation desk

    We have set up a consultation desk where you can feel free to discuss any problems you may have.

  • Congratulatory and consolatory leave

    Employees can get up to 5 days of vacation if employees can take special leave for their own wedding or their child’s, and for the death of a close relative, spouse, or child.

  • Special kids leave

    You can take a special vacation for one day a year on school events such as the entrance ceremony and entrance ceremony of your child and on anniversaries such as birthdays.

  • Baby care leave

    You can take up to one day off from 6 weeks before the expected date of birth of the employee or spouse to 3 months after delivery.

  • Ladies' leave

    Female employees who find it extremely difficult to work during menstrual days can take a special leave as "ladies' leave" up to once a month (no pay after the second time).

  • Childbirth preparation leave

    This is a special leave that can be taken for 2 weeks from 8 to 6 weeks before the expected date of childbirth as a prenatal preparation. ※The legal maternity leave is 6 weeks before

  • Childcare subsidy

    The following subsidy is available to support employees currently caring for a child. (Child care allowance 10,000 yen/month, babysitting allowance 10,000 yen/month, and pay assistance during period of childcare leave)

  • Bonus upon return to work from child care leave

    If you return from childcare leave, you will be given the number of months of childcare leave x 20,000 yen when you return to work.

  • Support system for child and family care

    You can keep up to date with the latest information within the company even while you are taking childcare leave and taking leave.


    This is an in-house new business contest held once every six months to encourage the creation of new businesses that boost the growth of the GA Group. Participants are eligible to participate in all forms of employment, including informal employees.

  • GA MAG.

    A magazine that highlights the daily happenings and work life at GA technologies to promote the appeal of GA not possible in press releases or event information.

  • Family care leave

    Based on the Child Care and Family Care Leave Act, an employee is eligible to take up to five days in a year to attend to family care, hospital visits of a family member requiring family care, or for the family member to receive a family care service.

  • Child care leave

    Based on the Child Care and Family Care Leave Act, a parent is eligible to take up to five days in a year to care after their child of preschool age.

  • Jury duty leave

    Special leave is granted for the required number of days when an employee is shortlisted or selected as an actual juror to attend court or participate in a trial.