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Facilitating real estate transactions using technology

We provide the SaaS system "ITANDI BB" for rental companies and the self-viewing room search service "OHEYAGO

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Modern Standard Co., Ltd.

Living standards determined by each individual customer

Want to realize the ultimate lifestyle you've always dreamed for? Come to RENOSY. We offer you superb properties in the major areas of Tokyo that makes your dream come true. Starting from homes for you and your families to SOHO type of houses, we provide what you need and want with great quality. 

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Providing a new take on real estate transactions

We aim to create a new real estate trading experience by fusing FinTech and PropTech

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Creating a new normal in real estate transactions

We provide mortgage application platform services and SaaS-type services for B2B that promote DX in real estate business.

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Contributing to customers' ideal lives

A comprehensive real estate management solution company that provides various services for real estate owners and tenants.

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Shenjumiaosuan Co., Ltd.

The largest real estate platform targets at customers of the Greater China introducing real estate of Japan. 

神居妙算(Shenjumiausuan)is our very first service targets at overseas customers. The service matches investors from the Greater China areas those are interested in real estate of Japan.

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Partners Co., Ltd.

For a good way of life for our customers.

As a comprehensive asset management advisory company, we are expanding into real estate funds, insurance business, real estate sales brokerage business, rental management business, etc.

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