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GA technologies
代表取締役社長 CEO

Our mission is Technology and Innovation to Inspire the World.

The company was established in 2013 with just three employees. Today, we have grown to the point where sales have eclipsed the 20-billion-yen mark and we employ a workforce of 300. Our beginning was truly humble; we had next to nothing—just our commitment and ambition. With no money, no track record, and few colleagues, our first step was to create the all-important mission for the company to answer the question “Why did we establish the company and what is our existential value?”

This mission is Technology and Innovation to Inspire the World. Initially, we had to generate sales and there were many occasions when we knew that we had to do more. We were not always aware of this mission in our early days when we had to clear many hurdles. More days than not we overlooked it all together. However, this mission was always stuck with us when making critical decisions.

“Transform the world using technology.”
This has been our unwavering commitment since 2013.

With just about everything around us connected to it, the Internet has become an indispensable part of our lives. Over the past 20 years, Japan’s Internet penetration rate has risen to 83%. At the same time, however, evolving technologies have disrupted conventional businesses, causing some industries to realign, or others to disappear altogether. The real estate industry and finance industry are no exceptions. Nevertheless, such major industry-wide transformations do not scare us. On the other hand, this really excites us because it makes the lives of customers more convenient and customers have access to services with even greater peace of mind.

Since our early days, we have consistently worked to build an end-to-end real estate brokerage platform using technology and gather various real estate data for the future of real estate transactions, with the goal of making real estate services even more convenient. Even in our own operations, we have actively improved working styles and operations using data and streamlining with AI and RPA.

The real estate and financial markets in Japan together are valued at 100 trillion yen. First, GA technologies will aim for the top of the PropTech domain, top of the existing housing and renovation domain, and enter the FinTech domain, creating new markets in the process. We are still a start-up in our infancy, but we retain a strong commitment toward Technology and Innovation to Inspire the World in these major markets. We will continue to tackle challenges and difficulties as we go about realizing our vision of becoming a world leader.

代表取締役社長 CEO

Profile of Ryo Higuchi, President & CEO of GA technologies

Born in Tokyo in 1982, Higuchi was a talented youth soccer player who wanted to become an international star. He signed with JEF UNITED ICHIHARA (currently in J2 of Japan’s professional soccer league). At the age of 24, however, he gave up on this dream to become a businessman, joining a real estate company. With a desire to “use technology to revolutionize the huge yet analog real estate industry,” Higuchi founded GA technologies in 2013, and became Representative Director. From its founding, the company engaged in the brokerage business for existing real estate. Currently, it aims for data-driven, highly user-friendly real estate transactions mainly through its end-to-end real estate brokerage platform using technology. The company is also working to improve its internal operations by streamlining with AI and RPA and making other data-driven improvements.

Ryo Higuchi