We have established Compliance Regulations to put into place a system of legal compliance, and we are working to raise awareness among officers and employees about the importance of compliance with laws and social norms. These efforts are led by the Compliance Committee, chaired by the President & CEO, which meetings regularly to discuss and review measures.
In addition, we are working to establish a compliance program based on the principles of compliance with laws and company rules during the course of business, respect for social norms, and fair and appropriate business activities.
We have established a Privacy Policy on the handling of personal information of business partners, customers and employees used to carry out business activities and achieve our mission of social contributions. We strive to manage this information responsibly using rigorous controls.

Compliance with laws and social norms

We correctly understand the laws related to our business activities and comply with them. In addition, we engage in business activities with sound corporate ethics following social norms.​ ​
Details on our handling of information and other matters can be found on the relevant page.

Trust from customers

To earn trust from customers, we respect the views of customers and strive to provide products and services that are safe and meet the needs of customers.

Fair business activities

We engage in fair and highly transparent business transactions with all business partners with a good sense and integrity.

Responsible contributions to society

In addition to business activities, we strive to contribute to society through our citizenship activities.

Respect for human rights and sound workplace environment

We respect the human rights of all people and do not permit any form of discrimination.
 In addition, we strive to ensure the safety and health of employees and maintain a sound workplace environment with a sense of mutual trust.

Compliance program implementation and improvement

These regulations are used to govern our own daily activities and aid us in implementing and improving our compliance program.