NEWSPress releaseOther RENOSY first sponsor of Football Assist, a support project for college football players

From left: Sakai, Otsu, GA technologies Co., Ltd. Ryo Higuchi, GA technologies Co., Ltd. Dai Higuchi

RENOSY first sponsor of Football Assist, a support project for college football players
~ For the future, soccer experience will be evaluated in the next stage (work) ~

Yuki Otsu and Hiroki Sakai, active professional soccer players active in the world, were the founders, and Assist Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director Yuki Otsu; hereinafter referred to as "Assist") from January 7, 2020 ) Will be the first sponsor of the "Football Assist" project.

[Point of this case]
・ Yuki Otsu and Hiroki Sakai sympathize with the entrepreneur Higuchi who has IPO experience with the thought of playing “Football Assist”.
・ Football Assist activity base (known as “stadium”) opened in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo on January 9, 2020
・ Provide long-term support from college activities to career support for university soccer club members

"Football Assist" is a project started with a desire to support players who are active in the college soccer club with full power. In order for active college soccer players to do their best in their club activities, the scope of support includes environmental follow-up and the next step for those who have retired and are about to graduate.

Our representative himself was aiming for a professional soccer player as a development player of JEF United Ichihara Director CEO Ryo Higuchi is sympathetic to feelings both players put in this matter, to support this activity as the first issue sponsor of "Football Assist" I have decided.

◆ Sports support provided by GA technologies Co., Ltd.
As a corporate culture, we are actively engaged in sports support, and the real estate tech comprehensive brand "RENOSY" is also an official sponsor of Kawasaki Frontale.

We also plan to hold a club activity business trip briefing for athlete-based job hunting students to visit a Yakiniku restaurant near the student's activity base and hold job hunting consultations and company briefings. We are supporting job hunting for students who are busy with their activities.

Through these activities, our officers talk about how sports experience can be utilized in their work based on their actual experiences, and provide support that is not limited to recruitment activities, but also to students' worries.

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