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Support for those who continue to challenge and promote diversity education for employees

Started supporting two top players in Japan and became a partner of NPO Japan Blind Soccer Association

The Company has started supporting sports for people with disabilities as a part of sports support (* 1), which is based on the experience of the founder, Representative Higuchi, aiming to become a professional soccer player.

The first initiative was to win the Japan Championship MIP in blind soccer in January 2020, with Kazu Teranishi, who is still a designated player to strengthen Japan National Team, and Beijing in wheelchair tennis. Yoshinobu Fujimoto, a member of the World Cup team who has participated in the Olympics and many other Japanese national teams, has been hired as an employee. In the field of blind soccer, he will be a partner of the NPO Japan Blind Soccer Association and will support the activities of Japan as a blind soccer men's representative in Japan, as well as support the experiential diversity education program "Sport Education". By supporting sports activities, we will contribute to the activities of people who keep challenging to realize their dreams and contribute to the local community.

(*1) GA technologies Co., Ltd. is engaged in the following sports support activities.

[Kawasaki Frontale Official Sponsor]
-"Now, Kawasaki Frontale." Dai Higuchi's return home after 10 years-

Dai Higuchi Director of the Company, was a member of the Kawasaki Frontale U-18 from 2002 to 2008, and was also captain of the U-18 Japan National Team. In September 2018, RENOSY comprehensive real estate tech brand, has been the official sponsor of Kawasaki Frontale.


[Club activity business trip briefing]
~ Those who are serious about club activities are busy. So we come to see you. ~

For job hunting for athletic clubs, our officers go to a bakery near the school's activity base, hold job hunting consultations and hold company briefings, and find employment for students who are busy with club activities. We are supporting you. Our executives talk about how sports experience can be utilized in their work based on their actual experiences, and provide support that is not limited to mere recruitment activities, but also to students' worries.


[First sponsor of "Football Assist," a support project for college soccer club players]
~ For the future, soccer experience will be evaluated in the next stage (work) ~

Actively support professional soccer clubs active in the world, Yuki Otsu and Hiroki Sakai, who are the founders, and support the activities of the Academic Soccer Club from the current club activities to future career choices for a long time. Project.


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